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Raiders of the Lost Art is a wholesale to the trade only company!

Crystals (click here)

Raiders of the Lost Art is a direct importer of high quality crystals from around the world. We offer polished shapes i.e. spheres, wands and pyramids as well as completely natural items such as points, clusters and geodes. Amethyst and Citrine Cathedrals—Masterpieces of nature. Available in a variety of sizes and grades. Southern Brazil and Uruguay Clusters—Sparkling quartz clusters, rich purple amethyst and golden citrine druzes. Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay Celestite—High grade clusters and geodes. Wonderful blue color. Madagascar Elestials—A gift from the angels. Fascinating skeletal formations of smoky quartz. Brazil

Specimens (click here)

Ammonites—Polished fossils. Split pairs and wholes. Some opalized and fluorescent. Brazil Kyanite—Beautiful blue specimens and blades. Also available in fanshaped black. Brazil Petrified Wood—Branches, slabs, trunks. Marvelous pieces of natural history. Some with dinosaur bones! Brazil and Madagascar

Rough Minerals (click here)

Amazonite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Calcites, Fuchsite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz. Variety of sizes from small chunks to large slabs. Worldwide Tourmaline—Reasonably priced specimens of green, pink and black in matrix of quartz or lepidolite. Black terminated points also available. Brazil

Tumbled Gemstones (click here)

Raiders offers an impressive collection of high quality tumbled gemstones. Sizes range from thumbnail to quarter. Uncommon or exceptional quality offerings are often available. Feel free to handpick at shows and in our showroom or we can handpick and send to you!

Jewelry (click here)

The Raiders’ jewelry collection features inexpensive quality crystal and gemstone jewelry that looks like it costs more than it does. The majority of our items are under $20 wholesale yet are crafted with excellent quality stones and metalwork. We work with a select group of jewelry makers in Brazil, China and India who consistently deliver well made, attractive jewelry at an affordable price. We have many items that have been consistent sellers for years. At the same time, we are continuously updating our jewelry line as exciting new products are developed and produced.

Specialty Items (click here)

Raiders carries a range of display products which are sure to enhance sales: tumbled stone bins, pedestals, pillows, light boxes, treasure chests, sphere and slab stands, and pendulum holders. Other specialty items include a wide variety of bookends, candleholders and pendulums. In addition, we offer an extensive line of high quality Shiva Lingams from the Namada river of India.

Steals and Deals

Raiders’ Steals and Deals section offers closeout prices on select merchandise. Help us make room for new inventory. We offer deep discounts on these items: buy 1 to 5 items for 50% discount, buy 6-9 items for 60% discount, or buy 10 or more items for 70% discount. Buy a flat of items in Steals and Deals for 70% off.

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